Medical advice Supervision/ verification of the instrumental assessment of the damaged person in a single centralized headquarter.

Through a telematic interface for sending images from the Area Doctor to the Centralized Operating Office, the audits are reviewed, then the review opinion is sent to the Area Doctor and / or the Company / Service Company; alternatively, for instrumental assessments that are not yet in digital format, acquisition of the verification by a contracted carrier and subsequent sending of the audit opinion.

Medical advice Agreement for tabulas

Opinion on medical-legal assessment agreed for tabulas with the injured person or his attorney in compliance with the norms and regulations in force concerning the evaluation performed only on tabulas (with acquisition of all the medical documentation related to physical injuries, acquisition and evaluation of the relevance and congruity of the medical expenses incurred, therefore written agreement on the medical-legal evaluation of the damage)

Medical advice
Risk management

Consulting services, assistance and management of clinical risk in health (safety of care, risk management), both on behalf of individual private professionals and public or private structures, throughout the national territory.

Medical advice
Sports medicine

Consultancy, assistance and evaluation services in the field of Sports Medicine.
Certifications of suitability for competitive and non-competitive sporting practice.

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Services Summary

Central medical-legal consulting opinions

Legal medical visits

Occupational medicine

Supervision/verification of the instrumental assessment of the damaged person in a single centralized headquarter

Agreement for tabulas


Risk management


Sports medicine


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